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Viktoriia Simakova

With my research and project idea "Alpine Twin"  I would like to improve our Alpine region in the field of mobility and transport.

- Viktoriia

With my research and project idea "Alpine Twin"  I would like to improve our Alpine region in the field of mobility and transport.

- Viktoriia

Viktoriia Simakova conducts research at the Business Informatics research center at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. In her research work, she developed the project idea of the "Alpine Twin", which depicts the Alpine region in a so-called digital twin. 

Using this digital twin, the 20-year-old student can use algorithms to test different scenarios and derive possible future strategies. As a decision-making tool, the digital twin can help to drive positive change, strengthen cross-border cooperation between the regions of the Alpine Space, increase efficiency and minimize risks.

In her project, Viktoriia would like to develop a digital twin of the Alpine region based on publicly accessible data such as traffic volume, emissions, air values and other, whose values are fed into an online system. This system is a digital copy of the Alpine region. This has never existed before in this size and the density of the data.

Project Timeline

September 2021

Project Idea

The developed project proposal includes information on why is Viktoriia launching this project, what does she want to achieve with the project, why is this project important for the Alpine Region, what are the difficulties and opportunities in implementing the project as well as which resources are required.

December 2021

Pitch Your Project Contest 2021

The project proposal “Alpine Twin” is selected as one of the top 5 projects from all submitted projects. Viktoriia Simakova is invited to the EUSALP Annual Forum, the main event of the EUSALP year, in Nice/France on 14 December 2021. There she presents the project idea “Alpine Twin” in a five-minute pitch and took the excellent fourth place.

September 2022

Systematic Literature Review

A systematic literature review is carried out and is based on the research question “What are the concepts of Digital Twin (DT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology-based Decision Support System (DSS) in the area of efficient and sustainable cross-border traffic management and how can it look like?”. The results represent the basis for the further research and an empirical study in form of expert interviews.


For the future it is planed to transform the Alpine Twin project from a feasibility study into an implementable project while conducting further research in the field of digital twins and artificial intelligence.

EUSALP 2021 "Pitch Your Project" Interview


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